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How do I know you have coverage in my area ?
Click on the coverage map link at the top of the page, if you fall in our coverage area – send us a request on the contact us link at the top right. We will then send a technician out to your premises (free of charge) to check if there is signal.
Awesome, I have coverage how do I get connected?
After the technician has confirmed signal, we will send you a quote to install the equipment. After you have paid a 75% deposit and signed our user agreement we will schedule and installation date.
How long does the installation take, and when can you come to do it?
Depending on the size of your home or office, a standard installation takes about 2-3 hours to do and a bigger one could be a whole day. We generally can install within a week of your go ahead depending on how busy our technicians are.
Is there an installation cost involved?
Yes, Once we have sent out our crack team of ninja installers to do a free site survey we will provide you with a full quotation for the installation. (Cost is subject to quotation and can change without prior notice)
Am I responsible for the equipment after it has been installed?
Most definitely, the equipment belongs to you so any theft or loss will be your responsibility.
What is the difference between your residential and business accounts?
Our residential accounts are shaped and business is unshaped
What is shaping?
Shaping is the system of giving certain types of traffic a lower priority on our network, like bandwidth instensive applications like torrent downloads to ensure a quality of service for all users on our network.
Does a business have to take a business package?
Yes, all businesses are required to take our business offerings.
I am a resendtial client but would like an unshaped account, how do I go about this?
You can sign up for a business package which is unshaped.
Are your residential accounts shaped?
Our residential accounts are uncaped and unlimited, we dont have any soft caps either so you can download as much as you like. However, we do shape all peer to peer traffic (torrents, kazaa etc) during office and peak hours to ensure quality of service all our users. This means that these types of downloads receive lowest priority on the network.
Do you offer unshaped accounts?
Yes, our business packages are unshaped take a look at the the business package section to view our offerings.
Is there a softcap on my account?
No hidden surprises here, we don’t softcap the account and you can download as much as you like.
I would like to get a static public IP on my connection, is this possible?
Yes there is an additional monthly charge of R85
Your service is best effort, what does this mean?
Simply put, that it might not always be possible to see your maximum account speed at all times. Sometimes the network might be very busy and you could experience a lower maximum speed and we make the best possible effort to give you your maximum account speed at all times.
What is contention and what contention is your network at?
Contention means that you share a certain amount of bandwidth between several other users, we run at a contention of 1:20 on residential accounts and 1:10 on business accounts.
Do you offer lower contention accounts?
Yes we do, click on the contact page and send us a request we will gladly assist.
How long is the contract for?
The initial contract is for 3 months, after which is becomes and month to month contract and you need to give us 30days notice if you wish to cancel.
I am moving home/office and would like to get the connection re installed at my new premises.
We can quote you for this job, provided the area falls within our coverage zone.
I am having a problem with my connection can you see what is wrong?

Please send click on Support and then click Log a fault, or alternatively call 010 900 0777.

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