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#1 Internet Solutions

Long, long ago (about 4 years) and far, far away (from ADSL), three computer geeks needed to get the internet out to a place where there was none. After many late nights in an undisclosed research facility, Level-7 Wireless was born.


#1 Internet Solutions

We now operate over a dozen high sites all over Centurion, providing high-quality bandwidth and higher-quality customer service in a market that, very sadly, lacks both.┬áThe handbrake is down, ladies and gentlemen – watch out for the Level-7 signal near you!

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010 900 0777

Unit 3, Talisman Place
27 Venturi Crescent

Registration number : 2013/001645/07 VAT Number : 4550267886 Level-7 Wireless is a registered telecoms provider : ICASA ECNS License: 0357/CENCS/APR2013 ICASA ECS : 0357/CECS/APR2013