Self help
How do I know you have coverage in my area?

Check our coverage map. If you fall in our coverage area send us a request

Awesome, I have coverage how do I get connected?

After the technician has confirmed signal, we will send you a quote to install the equipment. After you have paid a 75% deposit and signed our user agreement we will schedule an installation date.

How long does the installation take, and when can you come to do it?

Depending on the size of your home or office, a standard installation takes about 2-3 hours to do and a bigger one could be a whole day. We generally can install within a week of your go-ahead depending on how busy our technicians are.

Is there an installation cost involved?
Yes. Our sales team will give you the low down. So give us a shout on
What is the difference between your home and business package?

Our residential accounts are shaped and business is unshaped

What is shaping?

Shaping is the system of giving certain types of traffic a lower priority on our network, like bandwidth instensive applications like torrent downloads to ensure a quality of service for all users on our network.

I am a residential client, but I would like an unshaped account, how do I go about this?
We do offer an unshaped home package. Check out our internet solutions.
Are your home packages shaped?

Our home packages are uncapped and unlimited, meaning we don’t have any soft caps either so you can download as much as you like. However, we do shape all peer to peer traffic (torrents, Kazaa, etc.) during office and peak hours to ensure quality of service all our users. This means that these types of downloads receive lowest priority on the network.

Do you offer unshaped accounts?
Yes, we do. Check our unshaped home and business packages here.
Is there a softcap on my account?

No hidden surprises here. We don’t softcap your account and you can download as much as you like.

I would like to get a static public IP on my connection, is this possible?

Yes, with an additional monthly charge of R 85.

Your service is “best effort”. What does that mean?

Simply put, that it might not always be possible to see your maximum account speed at all times. Sometimes the network might be very busy and you could experience a lower maximum speed. But we make the best possible effort to provide you with your maximum account speed at all times.

How long are your contracts?
We offer month to month and 24month contracts to suit your requirements and budget.
I am having a problem with my connection, can you see what is wrong?

You can do one of the following:
log a fault,
contact us on 010 900 0777.